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Meeting of July 11, 2012

Harry Jenkins on “Forever in Our Hearts He Dwells: The Lives and Legends of Drummer Boys in the Civil War”

man playing a snare drum

Harry Jenkins

The Old Baldy Civil War Round Table of Philadelphia held its July 11th meeting at the Camden County College. Harry Jenkins prepared a great presentation on military drummers, “Forever In Our Hearts He Dwells,” about the lives and legends of drummer boys in the Civil War. Harry also included demonstrations of drumming techniques and the music played by Civil War musicians. Continue reading

Meeting of June 14, 2012

Kerry Bryan on “A Salute to Old Glory: The Story of the American Flag”

woman smiling

Kerry Bryan

Having needed some 40 years to recover from the effects of a really BAD high school history teacher, Kerry Bryan discovered a love of historical research just a few years ago while taking graduate courses at the University of Pennsylvania. Her Civil War epiphany occurred when she went as a spectator to the 145th Gettysburg Battle reenactment in 2008 because her brother had come up from North Carolina to participate as a Union soldier. She began reading about the Civil War and hasn’t stopped since! Kerry has been a member of the Old Baldy Civil War Round Table since July, 2009, and belongs to numerous other local historical institutions and societies. Continue reading

Meeting of May 10, 2012

“Old Baldy Goes to South Jersey”

man with a tie

Dr Jack Pesda

The Old Baldy Civil War Round Table of Philadelphia held its May 10th meeting at Camden County College. The main purpose was to inform the area about the Old Baldy Civil War Roundtable of Philadelphia. The purposes of the Roundtable are to help educate people in the Civil War era and to preserve the battlefields, artifacts, and the history of the area and its citizens who took part in that era. Rich Jankowski and Bill Hughes gave talks on the history and aims of the round table. Dr. Jack Pesda of Camden County College gave a presentation on the college and what they are doing to educate people on the Civil War era and the how the college may work with the round table. The college has offered us use of a meeting room and will help spread the word about our round table, which will help us to attract new members. The July meeting is now scheduled to be held at Camden County College on Wednesday, July 11th at 7:15PM (note change to Wednesday).

Meeting of April 12, 2012

Arlene Harris on “John Fulton Reynolds: Duty, Honor, Sacrifice”

portrait of Civil War general

Maj. Gen. John F. Reynolds

Arlene D. Harris spoke in the first person as Catherine F. Reynolds, the sister that John F. Reynolds was closest to through-out his life. Starting with his early life and education, this presentation showed how what Reynolds learned and accomplished shaped the Code of Honor he would live and die by and how truly dedicated and valuable to his country he was. Continue reading

Meeting of March 8, 2012

Rich Jankowski on “Renovations Needed for the Old Baldy CWRT”

horse head mounted on a plaque

Old Baldy himself

Our March meeting was to discuss the future of the Old Baldy Round Table. Fifteen folks showed up for the discussion. We had received 4 emails and 1 phone message from those unable to be there in person. Bill Hughes gave a brief account of the events in the last several months including the Board Meeting. The email and phone comments were shared with the audience. Herb Kaufman gave an account of our financial situation [which is good without dues collection]. Several members made their comments about their time with the Round Table and the Pine Street Museum. Discussion included Center City, the Union League, the aging of the membership, the need to publicize, and possible alternatives. Continue reading

Meeting of February 9, 2012

Hugh Boyle on “The Women in Lincoln’s Life”

man gesturing

Hugh Boyle

Hugh Boyle gave us a look into the women who were in Lincoln’s life and who helped toinfluence and mold who he was, what he thought, his desires, and also his melancholy. How his White House years were filled with the influence of strong, opinionated women. His presentation was superb with all the knowledge that Hugh has on Lincoln. It is always a pleasure to have Hugh visit us at Old Baldy.

February 2012 Newsletter

Meeting of January 12, 2012

Don Wiles on “Gettysburg… Hallowed Ground in Bronze and Stone”

man in a suit and tie

Don Wiles

On Thursday, January 12th Old Baldy CWRT member Don Wiles demonstrated both his graphic artist’s eye and his historian’s knowledge when he presented “Hallowed Ground in Bronze and Stone,” a slide show/talk featuring samples from his prodigious collection of photographs of Gettysburg Battlefield monuments, accompanied by Don’s exposition. Don’s excellent photographs manage to capture not only the careful details and artistry of the monuments, but also the spirit and ideals that they represent. Equally impressive is Don’s expertise: he has spent many years walking, studying, and photographing the Gettysburg battlefield. His presentation was indeed a taste of a connoisseur’s private collection; it was monumental in every sense of the word.

January 2012 Newsletter

Mike Cavanaugh – Member Profile

seated man reading

Mike Cavanaugh

Mike Cavanaugh is a founding member of the Old Baldy Civil War Round Table, serving over the years as treasurer, program chairman, and twice president. His interest in the Civil War began in the early 1970s, when he found he had several ancestors in the war. Mike’s great grandfather, on his father’s side, Pvt. Thomas Holleran, was a member of the 96th PVI (raised in Schuylkill County) and on his mother’s side, Cpl. James Lindsey of the 1st New York Mounted Rifles (raised in New York City). Mike has authored and coauthored five books on the war and also founded the Civil War Book Exchange (now Civil War News). For more than thirty-five years, he has had an avid interest in the Battle of the Crater fought on July 30, 1864, in Petersburg, VA. This led to a book in 1989—coauthored with Bill Marvel—entitled The Horrid Pit, The Battle of the Crater. Continue reading

Blake A. Magner – Member Profile

photo of deceased member

Blake A. Magner, RIP

The late Blake A. Magner was born and raised in the great commonwealth of Massachusetts. After a four year tour of duty in the U. S. Navy, which included time spent in the Brown Water Navy in South Vietnam, he moved to New Jersey after meeting his life mate at a USO dance in 1971. Blake and his wife have now been married for thirty-six years and are proud parents and grandparents. Blake has a Master’s Degree from Rutgers University in Biology and worked through the 1980s as a chemist. Continually hearing the call of History, Blake left his Science profession and became an independent historian in 1990. His area of interest includes just about everything from the War of Jenkins’s Ear through the late 18th century, the 19th century and ending with the death of Theodore Roosevelt. He also has a working knowledge of the Normandy landings and the Vietnam War. His studies include military history (specifically the Civil War and Revolutionary War), literature, personalities, the Founding Fathers and politics. Continue reading