Meeting of March 12, 2015

Herb Kaufman on “The Medical Treatment of Our Assassinated Presidents”

man at a podium

Herb Kaufman

Over the years, many, many questions concerning the treatment of our assassinated Presidents have been raised. Beginning with the shooting of President Lincoln in 1865, this presentation examined the medical methods and treatment of our four assassinated presidents: Would President Lincoln have lived with modern medical treatment? Did the doctors really kill President Garfield? Why was President McKinley not taken to a hospital? How did the medical team approach the treatment of President Kennedy? These and other questions were answered in this presentation, “The Medical Treatment of Our Assassinated Presidents.”

We followed the circumstances of their shooting, explore the medical practices of that era, and analyze the medical advances or lack thereof, over the decades that intervened between the assassinations.

Herb Kaufman has been a life-long student of the Civil War era. He is a founding member of the faculty of the Civil War Institute at Manor College, and has taught life long learning courses on a wide variety of Civil War topics at a number of local universities and community groups. He is a well known speaker on a variety of topics relating to the era of the Civil War having presented programs to civic and community groups, and educational and historical associations throughout the Philadelphia area.

He is currently a member of the Editorial Staff of the Civil War News, writing both news and feature articles. He also been a Civil War reenactor, and has received numerous awards for his continuing work in education and support of the history of the Civil War. He presented programs for students and adults at the Civil War Museum of Philadelphia, and is a member of the Board of Directors of the GAR Civil War Museum and Library of Philadelphia. He is currently the treasurer of both the Delaware Valley and Old Baldy Civil War Roundtables, and is a member of numerous historical and community organizations. Mr. Kaufman possesses a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Education from Temple University.

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