Meeting of November 11, 2010

Sid Copel on “Civil War Spies & Guerrillas”

portrait of Civil War soldier

Sam Davis

portrait of Civil War Confederate officer

John S. Mosby

Dr. Sidney Copel is a clinical psychologist who is now retired. He received his undergraduate and graduate training at Temple University. He was for many years the Administrator of the Psychological Clinic at the Devereux Foundation where he ran one of the biggest programs of its kind in the country. After leaving Devereux he went into private practice until his retirement in 1995.

Over the years Dr. Copel has published books in his field, lectured on mental health topics, and served as a consultant to schools, clinics, and police departments. He was for a time also a consultant in selection of player personnel for the Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos, and Los Angeles Rams. He has been interested in the Civil War and reading about it since childhood.

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